The Nation Publishing thanks its readers and the participants of the Bajan Tuh De Bone Unique Code competition. The competition has now concluded. Congratulations to all winners and we look forward to continue serving our valued readers.
We have introduced a new and easy way for you to participate in Nation News competitions using your mobile devices and computer, in addition to the traditional printed entry forms. Just look for the codes which are unique to each and every newspaper at the back of the relevant newspapers for any promotion, follow the instructions to enter the promotion and sit back to hear if you have won. To get more information on how the codes work, contact our customer experience teams at 430-5550 or email at us



  • Cash - $150.00 (Oct) $250.00 (Nov)
  • Gift baskets of Bajan products
  • Vouchers for local shops
  • Tickets to local attractions
  • Nation Gift Packs


  • Cash - $2050.00


  • $15050.00